Zulu Time

The world is divided into 24 time zones. Starting from London, 12 time zones extend eastwards and another 12 westwards.

ZULU time is a universal world time and is used in particular in aviation and maritime navigation. Using ZULU time helps to avoid possible errors that may occur when converting local times in the respective time zones. ZULU time is employed by both civil and military actors and is mainly used for exchanging time data (e.g. weather data, times in flight plans, space travel) on a supra-regional scale.

Zulu time thus allows all countries to speak of the same time, thereby avoiding errors resulting from a conversion to the respective local times.


For Germany, 10:00 hrs Zulu time means 12:00 hrs local time (during summer time, 11:00 hrs in the winter). For Darwin in Australia, 10:00 hrs Zulu time means 19:30 hrs local time.

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